Psalms Series

These sermons on Psalms were preached by Pastor Mark Scholten from 11/09/08-07/05/09. They are in order from oldest to newest.

O the Happiness of This Man! (Psalm 1)

God’s Messiah: Reigning Among Rebels (Psalm 2)

Faithing Trials (Psalm 4)

The Crown of Creation (Psalm 8)

No God, Know Folly (Psalm 14)

Living at Home With God (Psalm 15)

Living in the Light of Conquered Death (Psalm 16)

Responding to God’s Self-Disclosure (Psalm 19)

Content to Follow the Good Shepherd (Psalm 23)

Waiting On and Walking With Our Covenant God (Psalm 25)

Zeal for Your House (Psalm 69:9)

Reviewing the Pathway to Blessed Forgiveness (Psalm 32)

Raising Children on the Promise of God (Psalm 103:17-18)

An Urgent Invitation to Taste the Goodness of God (Psalm 34)

The Heart of Darkness Pierced by the Light (Psalm 36)

Seeking Mercy From Crippling Guilt (Psalm 38)

Divine Discipline: From Painful Questions to Painful Submission (Psalm 39)

Waiting on God From the Pit, Again (Psalm 40)

A Worldwide Celebration of Our God the King (Psalm 47)

Resting in the Providence of God (Psalm 103:19)

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