Our Church

 Who Are We?

     In 1975, Faith Church left the United Presbyterian Church due to increasing liberalism and apostasy. Our convictions regarding the Bible as the Word of God, the Reformed Faith, and confessional integrity were no longer shared by that denomination. Dr. Carl Bogue was the pastor from the beginning of the church until December 2006 when he retired.

     Several men have gone into the ministry from this congregation, including Jim Kobb, Stephen Pribble, Peter Stazen, and Larry Oldaker. Dr Bogue’s daughter, Beth, serves as a missionary in Scotland, and the church strongly supports world missions. We to strive to raise our covenant children for the glory of God, and our families are strongly committed to Christian education through homeschooling and Christian schools. In 1991, a new sanctuary was dedicated.

      You are warmly welcomed to join with us as we worship God and work together for the advancement of His victorious kingdom in this place and even to the ends of the earth.

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