Note: The monthly church calendar events are not set in stone. Just because an event is on OR not on the calendar does not mean it will necessarily be held at that date or time. Keep an eye out for changes in the events listed weekly in the bulletin or Faith Update, or check for direct contact from the leaders of the groups to which you belong. Do not always assume the calendar is relevant.


December 2014 Calendar

October 2014 Calendar

September 2014 Calendar

August 2014 Calendar

July 2014 Calendar

June 2014 Calendar

May 2014 Calendar

April 2014 Calendar

March 2014 Calendar

February 2014 Calendar

January 2014 Calendar


December 2013 Calendar

November 2013 Calendar

October 2013 Calendar

September 2013 Calendar

August 2013 Calendar

July 2013 Calendar

June 2013 Calendar

May 2013 Calendar

April 2013 Calendar

March 2013 Calendar

February 2013 Calendar

January 2013 Calendar

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