Submission? Today?

The idea or subordination to authority in general, as well as in the family, is out of favour in a world which prizes permissiveness and freedom.  Christians are often affected by these attitudes.  Subordination smacks of exploitation and oppression that are deeply resented.  But authority in not synonymous with tyranny, and the submission to which the apostle refers does not imply inferiority.  Wives and husbands (as well as Children and parents, servants and masters) have different God-appointed roles, but all have equal dignity because they have been made in the divine image and in Christ have put on the new person who is created to be like God (4:24)  Having described the single new humanity which God is creating in his Son, with its focus on the oneness in Christ of all, especially Jews and Gentile (cf. Col 3:11; Gal. 3:28), the apostle ‘does not now [in this household table] destroy his own thesis by erecting new barriers of sex, age and rank in Gods new society in which they have been abolished.’. (Stott)  That the verb ‘submit, be subordinate’ can be used of Christ’s submission to the authority of the Father( Cor 15 :28) shows that is can denote a functional subordination with out implying inferiority, or less honour and glory.”  Peter O’Brien

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