Christian Double Joy

I hold the heady doctrine that no pleasures are so frequent or intense as those of the grateful, devoted, single-minded, whole-hearted, self-denying Christian.  I maintain that the delights of work and leisure, of friendship and family, of eating and mating, of arts and crafts, of playing and watching games, of finding out and making things, of helping other people, and all other noble pleasures that life affords, are doubled for the Christian; for as the cheerful old Puritans used to say (no, sir, that is no a misprint, nor a Freudian lapse; I mean Puritans – the real, historical Puritans, as distinct from the smug sourpusses of last century Anglo-American imagination) , the Christian tastes God in all his or her pleasures, and this increases them.  JI Packer, God Has Spoken,  3rd ed, p. 14.

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