Prayer reflecting on Ephesians

Lord God, we pray that you would work in each one of our hearts, showing us what we are truly living for according to the choices we have made, and what you think of those choices.  In your great grace, we pray that you would bring our deathbeds before our very eyes to prepare us for them.  Help us be prepared to meet you so that we may live every week and month and year in this life you give with a lightness of heart, a deep love for you, and a self-givingness as we work with other people.  Give us hearts of gratitude and of world-defying hope.  O God, forgive us for each hour this last week that we have defined ourselves in sadness, self-pity, and even anger over our circumstances.  God, cause us to look above the small walls around us to you and to your great plan, and to the wonderful privilege you give us of showing your great grace to your creation.  Work that in our hearts, Lord, we pray for Jesus’ sake.  Amen (Mark Dever)

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