We are Free to do as we will?

“This depravity, or perversion of God’s image, in commonly, and rightly, said to be total: not in the sense that everything in man is as bad as it could be, but that nothing in man is as good as it should be….  Are our wills free …?  The simplest answer is that our wills are free, but we men are not.  Our wills are free in the sense that we have power to do what we will in the realm of moral action, but we ourselves, as heirs of Adam, are slaves of sin (John 8:34; Rom. 3:9; 6:16-23); which really means that we shall never in fact will with all our hearts to do the will of God.  His tragedy lies precisely in the fact that his will is free, and that he has power to do what he wants and chooses to do; for what he wants and chooses is always in some form self-glorifying, and so sinful and ungodly, and hence all that he does increses his condemnation.”

JI Packer, 18 Words, p. 73-74.

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